Foil Blocking / Security Holograms

At THE PRINTING HOUSE we want to meet all your needs! That is why we offer you another possibility, foil blocking. Foil Blocking is a process where we apply an area of metallic foil, usually silver or gold or coloured, to paper or board. Often used for logo’s and text on Brochures & Letterheads. Foil Blocking is often used with embossing to really add a wow factor as it gives a 3D effect. Such finishing give a particularly attractive visual result. You can choose whatever suits you from a wide range of metallic and iridescent color combinations.

Another service we offer you is security holograms. This is another process where a security hologram (in the form of a ribbon) is fused to paper by means of heat. It is used for product security and identification and prevents theft or forgery. At the same time it gives materials a high-quality appearance. Security holograms are produced in various designs so that you can choose the one that meets your particular needs