Offset Printing

Offset printing has remained the industry standard full color printing process, due to its advantages in quality, efficiency and high volume runs it achieves. Using our offset printing presses we produce promotional literature, brochures, leaflets, magazines, newsletters, catalogues and price lists etc. We use only top quality papers and inks to ensure perfect results. Quality, Efficiency and High Volume are what our experienced technicians and printers ensure. In addition to our five-color press, our state-of-the-art ten-color double-sided Heidelberg 72Χ102, with paper roll cutter, makes it possible to do five-color two-sided printing with accurate color reproduction in half the time taken. In addition, using the state-of-the-art Image Control system, which is compatible with all printing presses, the printed sheet is scanned and color accuracy and consistency are ensured throughout printing. Quality control of printing is achieved on the basis of the FOGRA 39 data set. THE PRINTING House’s Heidleberg lithographic printing presses, operated by our experienced team of printers, consistently produce outstanding print.

Special Applications

In addition to the four colors printing, we have the ability to print with special inks. Pantone, phosphorescent and metallic colors, invisible and aromatic inks and varnishes combining harmoniously and effectively, to highlight the unique character of each work.

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